The Authors

The Sunlight Series is a collaboration between illustrator and children’s book author Molly Bang and author and scientist Penny Chisholm.

molly_workingMolly Bang is a writer-illustrator of over 30 children’s books and has won many awards including 3 Caldecott Honors, a Boston Globe/Horn Book Award, Charlotte Zolotow Award, Jane Addams Award, Giverny Award, and 2 AAAS Awards. She has also written Picture This, a book for adults showing how picture structure affects our emotions, used by graphics art courses around the world.

pennyPenny Chisholm is a professor of Ecology at MIT, where her laboratory does research on ocean phytoplankton. They study the smallest and most abundant photosynthetic microorganism on Earth, called Prochlorococcus. This tiny creature provided some of the inspiration for the Sunlight Series. Chisholm has won numerous awards for her research, most recently the National Medal of Science, awarded by President Obama in 2013.

To listen to an interview with Molly and Penny on WGBH radio’s The Point with Heather Goldstone, click here.